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Claudine Boulstridge, Ottolenghi Recipe Tester

Claudine Boulstridge, Ottolenghi Recipe Tester

We're super excited to have Claudine join Bird Collective, not least to celebrate the fabulous dishes she creates in Ottolenghi's test kitchen. Read on for Claudine's beautiful memory of her wedding dress, using seaweed on her omlettes and how she practices sustainability in her kitchen.

Claudine, what’s your favourite Bird item and what do you love about it? 

The Red Heron apron because of the cross over back which is exactly like my wedding dress! So elegant!

Tell us about your first food memory?

The smell of my mother making garlic tomato sauce….

When did you start your journey in the industry? 


What is your go-to staple meal? 

Omelette - started in a pan on a hob, topped with cheese which I melt under the grill, then sprinkled with seaweed flakes. Nutritious, quick and so delicious!

What made you choose food as a way to make a living?

It’s a long story but essentially working abroad for a travel company making clients beautiful lunches and learning about local delicacies made me realise I adored food and wanted to turn it into a career so I went to train at Leiths and then I started teaching there!

Which 5 ingredients can always be found in your kitchen?

Eggs, butter, vanilla paste, seeds and bone broth…

What is your most favourite project that you’ve worked on in the past five years? 

All of the Ottolenghi books and newspaper recipes i’ve tested and checked….

Where can people connect with you? (socials/ your kitchen)? 

Instagram handle @healthyfamilyfoodideas, my website, via my newsletters I send out….

What are you working on at the moment? 

The latest Ottolenghi book

You’re gifting a cookbook to a good friend, what’s an absolute must-have? 

One of the many Ottolenghi ones of course! 

How do you practice sustainability in the kitchen?

I dream up ingenious ways to get leftovers into our next dinner, freeze them or feed our chickens with them!

What do you listen to when you’re cooking?

I normally need to concentrate as I’m creating a recipe or checking it thoroughly so I don’t want too many distractions (3 children and a dog is enough!)

Please share your favourite recipe 

I have so many I dream up each week - I often lie awake at night thinking about new recipes I want to create - see my instagram where I share them all! 

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