In just over two weeks time, we will be sending our Birdfeed readers a super sneaky link to be the first to order from our new line.

We will be releasing 50 of each of our new garments. That means, 50 of each chef jacket, 50 of each tunic, and 50 aprons too! Ordering any garment from this first batch makes you a Bird Pioneer.
Everyone from home cooks to super chefs, we need your support!

We’re looking for Women In Food to get involved with our photoshoot here in Cardigan this next week.

Drop us a line for further details, we’d love to have you on board!
This week, Bird founder, Vic North, gives us the skinny on shaking things up, responding to a need, and wearing it well...
This just in... Before we go live (September 16th) we will be giving you, our wonderful Birdfeed community the chance to become Bird Pioneers.
We sat down for a chat with our good friend, garment technologist, Bird designer, and owner of The Little Stitchery, Nicola Ridd-Davies.

Nicola has worked with a number of incredible clothing companies including Toast and Visible Clothing and with her unlimited knowledge and talent has also helped Bird find it's feet. We wanted to know a little bit more about our very own Welsh Wonder Woman and are so glad we asked. From the lowdown on her favourite pinny to how she adopted her mother's knack for making something from nothing, there is so much goodness to absorb in this interview.
We are deep in testing mode for all three pieces. Our first samples are currently making their rounds in kitchens across the UK.

Our wear-tester recipe: wear, report, update, repeat.
For the past 6 months, we have been working away creating the pieces that will be a part of our very first collection. This means we will be releasing a launch date very soon... watch this space!

Every day we are getting to know our community and ourselves a little better and we want to share with you the 4 foundations that BIrd Kitchen Clothing Co. has been built upon.
At Bird our mission is to design the world's most beautiful, sustainable, and functional kitchen workwear for women. We know it to be true that if you feel good you perform your best. So we'd like to help women in the food industry feel as good as possible. This summer we will be releasing our first range. This will consist of 3 garments...

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