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Anjula Devi

Anjula Devi



What’s your favourite Bird item (if you don’t have one already it can be answered later) and what do you love about it?

The charcoal grey linen wrens - I love these most of all

Tell us about your first food memory?

Sitting on my black and white kitchen floor, grinding spices in a pestle and mortar which was bigger than me! The spices were for my Dad’s whole fish, which still had the eyes in it!

When did you start your journey in the industry? 

15 years ago - it was my passion before that, it’s been my passion ever since

What is your go-to staple meal? 

I grew up eating great food which happened to be vegetarian or vegan. A tough call, but it has to be aloo gobi.

What made you choose food as a way to make a living?

I knew I had ability and people told me they loved the food I made. 

Which 5 ingredients can always be found in your kitchen? 

My spice dabba, fresh coriander, potatoes, fresh chillies and ginger/garlic. 

What is your most favourite project that you’ve worked on in the past five years? 

Being appointed and personally developing as a consultant chef for Manchester United. 

Where can people connect with you? 

Instagram @Anjuladevi and my website - 

What are you working on at the moment?

International cooking consultancy in Croatia/The Cayman Islands. Also, I am planning to write another cookery book to make people think differently about Indian food. 

You’re gifting a cookbook to a good friend, what’s an absolute must-have? 

Spice for Life by Anjula Devi :-) 

How do you practice sustainability in the kitchen?

Carefully choosing products with the right packaging, buying from farmers markets rather than supermarkets and choosing a balance of unusual ingredients. My latest purchase is bees wax paper, which I love.  

What do you listen to when you’re cooking? 

A wide range of music, usually turned up very loud. My current favourite is ‘If I had words’ by Scott Fitzgerald. 

Please share your favourite recipe 



Aloo paratha. A fabulous breakfast, well-known in most Indian households. A flaky wholewheat bread, stuffed with spicy, creamy potato, served with thick natural yoghurt and mango and lime pickles. 


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