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Birdfeed: Issue 1

Birdfeed: Issue 1

Welcome to the very first edition of Birdfeed, a bi-weekly brew of inspiration and upcoming Bird Kitchen Clothing Co. announcements!

I have spent the better part of this last year working on my Women In Food Series, speaking with the trailblazers, the warriors, the visionaries, the female chefs and cooks currently making a difference in food.

In the process of highlighting these extraordinary women, a big obstacle was highlighted as well. The lack of decent workwear for gals. These conversations coupled with my own experiences have been the catalyst for Bird Kitchen Clothing Co.—a clothing range for women cooks and chefs to work in.

Women In Food exists to celebrate women and to inspire the next generation. Bird Kitchen Clothing Co. exists to facilitate these remarkable women along the way.

Birdfeed isn't just a journal. It's a portal. A space to share with you the treasures that have and continue to inspire Bird Kitchen Clothing Co.

Thank you for joining this new adventure, and enjoy Birdfeed Issue 1. –Vic x



Maria Teresa de Filippis and Lella Lombardi. The only 2 women to start in a Formula 1 race in the last 68 years. These numbers are not a result of skill, but instead a result of opportunity (more precisely, the lack thereof). Enter The W Series, a new championship series looking to flip that statistic on it's head. From 2019 going forward, there will be a change of pace. The W Series will give 20 women a year the relevant experience and qualifications needed to put them in contention for potential Formula 1 drives. Listen to this Woman's Hour episode to hear a good conversation about the advantages and what some believe to be potential setbacks of the W Series.

If you're on the move, here is a delicious recipe that sustains. Super Seed Sheets. A quick 20-minute bake with some powerful nutrients to keep you going. Feel free to improvise and add your own tasty ingredients. This time my Super Seed additions were chopped raisins and a pinch of chipotle chili flakes. Can't get enough! Find the full recipe here.


“We need to push harder to get women in food noticed". Some wise words from our first ever Women In Food interviewee, the wonderful Romy Gill. Author, teacher, head chef and owner of Romy's Kitchen in Thornbury, Romy has made massive strides for inclusion and diversity within the food industry here in the UK. Unfortunately, as explained in her interview, issues still persist. From lack of investment, to difficulties fundraising, to the overall underrepresentation of women in the hospitality industry, there is still much work to be done. Thank goodness for women like Romy, not only for giving the UK a taste of delicious and authentic Indian cuisine, but for leading the way for Women In Food and women in business too.



Premiere Vision released their 2020 Spring/Summer Colour Range in Paris last month, and we are following closely. Take a peek at their Instagram to see the textures, materials, patterns, and colours coming to a Summertime near you.



If you're a cookbook enthusiast, chances are you've come across Julia Turshen. Established and prominent author and foodie, Julia is the gal to trust when it comes to all things food. Raising the bar, Turshen also hosts the podcast, Keep Calm And Cook On. If you've not yet discovered these soul filling conversations, we recommend starting off with Episode 2: Real Talk with Samin Nosrat(of Salt, Fat, Acid, & Heat): A Conversation about Mental Health, Money & Poetry. Pure goodness.



There's a new magazine on the scene and it is dedicated to celebrating Welsh food and drink. From restaurant reviews to chef profiles to trending news. Welcome, Taste Blas, we're happy you're here. Issue Two out now. 



There is a debate of fashion in the Fishing world. Where did that bloody gorgeous Fisherman Smock originate? Some attest the Cornish have something to do with it, evidence supports that Japanese Fishermen may have developed the design, but surely there was something I heard about the Welsh having their hand in the crafting of such practical workwear? The mystery remains just that, but we do love a good fisherman smock around here. Practical, simple, beautiful, plus they get better with age. If you want one for yourself, we've found some pretty good options floating around the web. 1 2 3 4 5 6



Roots & Shoots: Vegetarian Wood Fired Roast. In just two weeks time, the dynamic duo at Tân a Mwg, Derw and Hannah, are hosting two feasts at one of our favourite bakeries and cafes in West Wales, Bara Menyn. A three course, woodfired veggie roast, using local and sustainable ingredients only. One feast will be at 12pm, the other 3pm. Tân a Mwg have been traveling around Wales bringing people together while introducing communities to their local food producers. These pop-up suppers are one of a kind. Word is that the feasts are selling out fast so make sure to grab your tickets here.

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