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Birdfeed: Issue 2

Birdfeed: Issue 2

See the original Birdfeed Issue here.



At Bird our mission is to design the world's most beautiful, sustainable, and functional kitchen workwear for women. We know it to be true that if you feel good you perform your best. So we'd like to help women in the food industry feel as good as possible. This summer we will be releasing our first range. This will consist of 3 garments...

The Chef Jacket
A feminine take on traditional jackets - fitted, flexible and functional.

The Cook Tunic
Easy on the tailoring, strong on design - our tunic is designed for more informal kitchens and smart enough for work wear.

The Apron
Designed to complement both the jacket and the tunic, our aprons feature cross-over backs for comfort and performance.

Stay tuned to get a closer look at each of these pieces. –Vic x


1. When Women Control the Money, Female Founders Get Funded. What would VC-funded industries look like if more women controlled the money? A good read from the New York Times.

2. In an age where we are all striving to be perfect feminists, The Guilty Feminist podcast is more than a breath of fresh air. Host, Deborah Frances-White is out to change the world with laughs. Each episode consists of a panel of kick-ass women diving into 21st-century feminism and the personal blunders that crop up along the way.

3. Brie Larson has some choice words for anyone surprised Captain Marvel made over $1 billion in the box office.

4. We love these Dylan Thomas replica mugs inspired by the one found in his writing shed. Made by local ceramicist Trudy Ebsworth-Espie of Ebsworth Pots.

5. Through the Kitchen Window is a collection of essays where women explore the Intimate meanings of food and cooking. Sacred Heart, an essay from Anais Salibian touches on feminine power and creativity, lineage and heritage through food and cooking, and contains a line which has stayed with me, for better or worse - 'I am eating my mother.' Highly recommend.

6. Nicole Pisani, the author of Salt Butter Bones, is on a mission to improve the health of children through Better Eating and food education. #BetterIsPossible

7. Just 5% of the UK fire service are female. Senior firefighter, Dr. Sebrina Cohen-Hatten has written a book challenging the myth that to be a good firefighter, brawn is king. Rather, it is the ability to keep calm under pressure and good decision-making skills that make the difference.

8. Olivia Burt of Claridges Hotel, Supatthra Viriphan of Chewton Glen, and Gabriella Cugno are all in the running for Best Young Chef Award 2019. Register to vote and support our fabulous female chefs here.

9. It's Food Season at the British Library and they are hosting a series of amazing talks, discussions, and events. Find the schedule here and plan accordingly!

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