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Birdfeed: Issue 3

Birdfeed: Issue 3

For the past 6 months, we have been working away creating the pieces that will be a part of our very first collection. This means we will be releasing a launch date very soon... watch this space!

Every day we are getting to know our community and ourselves a little better and we want to share with you the 4 foundations that BIrd Kitchen Clothing Co. has been built upon.

Just as we believe that quality ingredients are the basis for real food, we believe in making clothes that are built to invest in, work in, and last the course.

We believe in design serving a need and improving the working lives of women in food: we make great clothes designed for the female form.

Through sharing our stories, we can inspire, strengthen and work towards overcoming challenges with solutions gleaned from experience. Empowerment, through clothes as well as community.

Real Food
We believe that real food is a way of life, made simply, with good taste and natural ingredients.


1. "This summer teach girls how to grill. Once they realize they can dominate the fire and handle the heat, they will know they are capable of anything." A beautiful Chilean piece on the importance of going against the grain, and with the grill.

2. What happens when companies start taking social and environmental responsibility? This is Google vs Ecosia.

3. Your feet need all the TLC they can get, especially if you are a runner. Here is the skinny on why flip flops are a big Flip Flop.

4. Desert Island Disks is at it's best featuring renowned make-up artist Pat McGrath who teaches us about diversity within the beauty industry.

5. A beautiful interview with a woman we all have a crush on. Writer and interviewer Ashley Ford speaks to Loup about everything from body image to the importance of leaning into writing and being a woman in the modern world.

6. This weekend we'll be at The Stoke Newington Literary Festival. We are excited to hear from some leading Women In Food like Nigella Lawson and Yasmin Khan. See who else is on the line up here!

7. A must watch. Dame Stephanie Shirley's TED Talk, Why Do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads? Have a listen and fuel that ambitious fire.

8. Sometimes it's less about ingredients and more about the method. What better way to prove this than by making some brownies. Our founder Vic North shares her Top Brownie Formula.

9. In this Women In Food interview, TV Chef, Educator, former athlete, and one of our favourite welsh foodies, Lisa Fern explains to us the importance of self-belief.

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