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Birdfeed: Issue 4

Birdfeed: Issue 4

See the original Birdfeed Issue here


Mark your calendars! On Monday, 16th September, Bird's first collection will be making its way into the world.

We are deep in testing mode for all three pieces. Our first samples are currently making their rounds in kitchens across the UK.

Our wear-tester recipe: wear, report, update, repeat.

Above you can see Naomi Devlin chopping and wear-testing away in our Phase 2 Chef White. On top of some helpful feedback, she mentioned, “I’ve been mentioning your project (in a nonspecific way) to female chefs I’ve been working with and there is so much of an appetite for it!”

It is our main goal to satisfy that very appetite, and so we've asked Naomi and other wonderful wear-testers to give our samples a spin. We want to provide all of you Women In Food with the pieces you've been waiting for.

Thank you to all the women helping us take these massive steps forward in creating this special line. 16th September, here we come!

-Vic x


1. 8446 Miles. 4 Women. 1 Pacific Ocean. Losing Sight Of Shore, a documentary directed by Sarah Moshman, follows ‘The Coxless Crew’ on their journey rowing thousands of miles from California to Australia.

2. We'll just leave this here. 'I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter'.

3. It's the thing we talk about the least. Money. BBC4's excellent episode, Saving for the under 35s, is a must-listen. Featuring Starling Bank, the digital bank of the future, run by Anne Boden, the Welsh she-boss changing the world of money.

4. Pastry chef Matteo Stucchi is creating incredible miniature worlds. Miniature desert worlds that is. All we want to know is who gets to eat them when they're done?

5. Timely! For the World Cup, England Women's Football Team is wearing all new kit, designed especially for them. Ciao to the men's uniforms, hello to these sleek new garms.

6. Beauty Pie is bringing transparency to the table. Marcia Kilgore has created The Netflix of the beauty industry. Finding the world’s very best beauty products and saving her members a lot of money in the process. We're in.

7. River Cottage Chef, Author, Gluten Free Aficionado, and now official Bird Wear-Tester, Naomi Devlin opens up about gut health, #MeToo, and being brilliant at what you do in this month's Women In Food Interview.

8. If ever I knew a woman in food, it’s Jen Goss of Our Two Acres. On the 29th of August, she is bringing a beautiful Summer Harvest Supper club to the Parc Y Pratt farm. Email for more information and to book your place.

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