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Birdfeed: Issue 9

Birdfeed: Issue 9

Read the original Birdfeed Issue here.



Last Monday we gathered together a group of local Women In Food to come and join us for Bird's first photoshoot at El Salsa in Cardigan; It was a success! Thank you again to all the amazing women who came along. More photos to be released soon! But first...

Bird Pioneers.

In just over two weeks' time, we will be sending our Birdfeed readers a super sneaky link to be the first to order from our new line.

We will be releasing 50 of each of our new garments. That means, 50 of each chef jacket, 50 of each tunic, and 50 aprons too! Ordering any garment from this first batch makes you a Bird Pioneer.

What's does it mean to be a Bird Pioneer?

We're glad you asked! Each Pioneer will be guaranteed a specially numbered garment, a lifetime of free shipping(in the UK), and will be given a direct line to Bird HQ for all things feedback, ideas, and fun. But that's not all. Each Pioneer will also receive an original Bird illustration with their order.

Make sure to let all your fellow Women In Food and loved ones know to sign up to Birdfeed, so they too can receive the Bird Pioneer super secret link! We'll see you there.

-Vic x


1. This nifty Carbon Footprint Calculator shows us how our food choices impact the environment. For instance, an avocado a week is equivalent to driving a standard petrol car 39 miles!

2. At last, the secret to peeling garlic in three easy(and incredibly precise) steps.

3. This week's Women In Food interview is with London-based, Ard Bakery founder, Alison Dunlop. With a previous career in fashion, she has switched her creative energies to patisserie and is shaking up cake design as we know it.

4. A maker mystery. The oldest carving has been found in East Asia. The most ancient makers and artisans may not be of our human species at all.

5. Back to the basics. Here's a step by step guide to washing your produce.

6. "Why work for a crappy boss when you can be your own boss?" We love this 'A Woman's' Place Series from Brit + Co. Shining a spotlight on the women making bold moves in male-dominated industries.

7. Vegan chocolate cake anyone? I'm making this Smitten Kitchen recipe on rotate at the cafe and am struggling to keep up with demand.

8. In an age of mass consumption, Rachael Wang is paving the way for sustainable fashion.

9. We love this comedy series. Inspired by Katharine Whitehorn's bestseller, 'Cooking In A Bedsitter'. A snapshot of UK food culture in the 1960s.

10. There is always 'another way'. How Alice Waters changed the landscape of food

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