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Cashew & Barberry Flavour Bombes

Cashew & Barberry Flavour Bombes

C A S H E W  &  B a r b E r y ✨P R O T E I N  B o m B E s


One day a week, I allocate as prep day, a session abuzz to get ready for the week ahead.


You know the drill.


Blitz the garlic paste.


Bake good bread.


And the most recent addition, prep these energy balls.


My days, they are TASTY

And a great way to give not-so-great-for-you sweet treats (like, ahem, those giant chocolate buttons), the swerve for a healthier option.


Plus a great example of using the Thermomix with your own recipes.


Not only does Thermomix have amazing guided recipes via Cookidoo, you can also use it *simply as a multipurpose tool - all your kit in one place.


In this case, 

🦜 to weigh

🦋 to blitz

🦄 to do the washing up (the magic of auto-clean✨)


Let’s get to it!



150g cashew nuts 

20g dedicated coconut

140g dried apricots 

35g dried barberries 

1 tbsp protein powder (I love @naturya cacao maca✨)

1 tbsp bee pollen

1 tsp vanilla paste

Good pinch o’ salt , (my fave, @halenmon )


2 tbsp freshly boiled water 

40g sesame seeds to roll



‘Turbo’ the cashew nuts to fine chop 2-3 seconds 


Using Scale function, weigh in coconut, apricots, barberries.

Measure in bee pollen, vanilla, protein powder & salt.


Turbo blitz for 2 seconds.

Add just boiled water & turbo another couple of seconds - you wanna keep a bit of texture over paste.


Roll into cute boules, tossing in a sesame coat as you go.


I made 14.

And ate two.


Chill to set in your fridge

And enjoy👌


To find out more about Thermomix, message Vicky for details 

here and browse our Bird page here

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