Malt and Chocolate Loaf

I've given this athletic classic a shake-up. With the addition of rich dark chocolate and vibrant orange zest, malt loaf will never be the same again. 

Note! This is slow food at it's finest - once baked and cooled, wrap the loaf in greaseproof paper & foil. Pop into a lidded tin for 3-4 days and allow to mature, just as you would gingerbread parkin. Seriously transformative.


135g malt extract, (I ordered mine online from Real Foods)

30g treacle

75g soft brown sugar

150g tea, still hot

200g prunes, roughly chopped

100g dark chocolate, roughly chopped, (min 54% cocoa solids)

125g self raising flour

35g cocoa

90g wholemeal flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

Zest of 1 orange, (be sure to wash the orange first)

Good pinch of salt


Combine the malt extract, treacle, sugar, tea and prunes into a large bowl. Stir and soak for 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, line a 2lb loaf tin, (10x20cm) with non-stick, greaseproof paper and set your oven to 170c.

Weigh and whisk to combine the remaining ingredients. 

Add wet to dry and stir well. 

Tip the batter into the tin and bake for 35-40 minutes, until an inserted skewer removes clean.

Once cool, wrap the loaf in greaseproof paper and foil. Leave to mature in a lidded tin for 3-4 days.  It's a wait but worth it - the loaf will be soft and succulent with time on it's side.

Malt and Chocolate Loaf