Our Four Foundational Values, by Vicky North


“My work has always been rooted in real food and good ingredients," says Vicky, “Bird comes from the same place.  We make clothes to invest and work well in. Fast fashion, just like processed food is a false economy.

"Quality is everything.  I stand by each and every piece from the Bird collection and happily say, I brought this into the world and I'm proud to put it out there.”



“Really, Bird is all about design,” says Vicky, “It’s the thing that set's us apart from the mainstream as we exclusively celebrate design for the female form.

"Our mission is to serve a need through design and improve the working lives of women in food, be you a home cook or a pro chef.”

Women Supporting Women

“I’m so excited about this value,” says Vicky, “It’s currently a watershed moment for women in hospitality as we’re becoming more aware of how important it is to support one another.

"Through sharing our stories, we can inspire, strengthen and overcome challenges, with solutions gleaned from communal experience. When women support other women, incredible things can happen.”

Real Food

“Real food is a way of life,” says Vicky, “As home cooks and chefs, we can support our producers and promote a more sustainable way of life which is beneficial to ourselves and our communities in a ton of different ways.

Plus, real food tastes better.”


Bird is here to celebrate women chefs, cooks and those who simply love to make real food.


Our Four Foundational Values, by Vicky North