Bird Story



Making high quality kitchen clothing since 2019, cut for women who love to cook.

We're coastal, based in West Wales and the company was founded by cook and food writer, Vicky North. 

Our outstanding aprons, tunics and jackets are made in the UK.  All our tees and sweats are made with organic material.

Rethink the apron

Strong design is everything. “I saw a gap in kitchen wear for women,” says Vicky, “So, we rethought the apron, and came up with something that's amazing to wear.”

Let's support real food and the skills we need to cook from scratch.

Real food matters.

“The way we eat, source our ingredients and how we cook impacts our world  and how we live," says Vicky, "Right from the start, our goal has been to promote real food and the skills we need to cook from scratch."

Female led.

Bird was inspired by Vicky’s time at her cafe-bistro, “I couldn’t comfortable clothes to cook in,” says Vicky, “The aprons were either too bulky, too long, too frumpy. And chef jackets - they just weren't made with women in mind."

Which is crazy. 

At home, it's women who do the bulk of cooking.  And hospitality, women are pushing through - many running food businesses on their terms, because it's the only way to get ahead.

"Working closely with former Toast designer, Nicola Ridd-Davies, we came up with some beautiful solutions.  Our clothing is designed to make women feel great when they're cooking, whether at home or at work."


It’s about more than aprons. It’s about the community we’re building together.