Our Story


Hi I'm Vicky, the founder of Bird Kitchen Clothing.

It began, as many things do, micro - in my case, a micro bakery. I remember stepping over the threshold of a local producers’ market, recently started here in Cardigan. Blistered concrete slapped underfoot whilst the growers bustled and hustled. Vegetables caught in baskets, rounds of cheese scaled for sale and the smell of bacon sizzling for sandwiches on a hot griddle - I knew I needed to be a part of what I saw so, like my mother before me, I set up stall and began to sell home baking – sourdough loaves, hand rolled croissant and plenty of cake.

The venture grew into a cafe and I was busy, too busy.

I stepped back, reconnected with my kids and began to write. I needed to figure out how women juggled their many faceted lives, especially once children came into the mix. I began to write about women in food, telling their stories and sharing their challenges based on interviews held with female chefs and cooks across the UK.

From these interviews, common themes began to surface...

...not least the lack of decent kitchen kit available for women to wear at work. Chef clothing is mainly designed for men as women currently make up a smaller percentage of the workforce.

And what of the cook? The kitchen I ran was efficient but informal and staffed by women who’d more readily refer to themselves as cooks. For these women, chef jackets did not make them feel at home – and there was no alternative.

Working together with Welsh designer Nicola Ridd-Davies, we created the Bird range.

Kitchen clothing for women in food. Bird provides both jackets for female chefs and tunics for the cooks. The Robyn apron sits as well with the tunic as it does with the jacket and has been cut for the female form. The garments are made in the UK and I’m so excited to be part of the revival of manufacturing taking place in Britain today. Bird has been hugely supported and I’m so grateful for the help across industry in making this possible. 

There are 4 foundations that Bird has been built upon.

Just as we believe that quality ingredients are the basis for real food, we believe in making clothes that are built to invest in, work in, and last the course.

We believe in design serving a need and improving the working lives of women in food: we make great clothes designed for the female forms.

Through sharing our stories, we can inspire, strengthen and work towards overcoming challenges with solutions gleaned from experience. Empowerment, through clothes as well as community. When women support other women, incredible things happen.

Real Food
We believe that real food is a way of life, made simply, with good taste and natural ingredients.

Bird is here to celebrate women chefs, cooks, makers and those who simply love to cook.

Through design, functionality and great kit, we’re here every step of the way.