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Last December, I spoke with a fashion student at Snapped Up Craft Fair, Chapter Arts Cardiff.

Me: I’m set on using natural fibres in all our garments but sometimes even the toughest denim isn’t as resilient as poly.

Fashion Student: have you heard of the art of Boro?

Me: Hmm?

Fashion Student: It’s like a fancy patchwork and celebrates the art of mending things.

Me: So you don’t think poly over denim? A ton of apron companies favour the poly.

Fashion Student: I say stick to your guns and mend stuff.

Inspired, I made contact with Urzula, maker of our bespoke aprons here in the UK. I explained how I’d like to offer a mending service and wanted to know if she’d be able to help.

Of course, she replied, I don’t do Boro but I do fix things well.

As simple as that, Bird Mends began. So if you have a Bird apron that has suffered a mishap, drop me a line and I’ll send you the details.

How does it work?

  1. Wash your apron and clear the pockets
  2. Drop me an email for shipping details and post the apron to Bird via recorded delivery to the address I’ll provide
  3. Send an email to let me know it’s on the way, plus your return address
  4. Within 4-5 weeks, we’ll get it back to you ready and repaired