Why the name, Bird?
So, the name Bird has been inspired by many things, not least a tongue-in-cheek attempt to reclaim a word often hurled our way by men. Plus we want to have some fun with design, breaking away from traditional mute tones commonly used in the kitchen and draw inspiration from our feathered friends with eye catching prints and colours.

Will you design clothes for guys?
You heard it here first, there is a unisex range in the pipeline.

How does Welsh design inspire you?
As a Welsh brand, we draw inspiration from clean lines, functionality and natural fabrics. Welsh woolen blankets are renowned for their longevity, quality and vivid colours – we strive to capture that in our work.

What’s so special about women in food?
There is so much to celebrate. Women in food are bringing fresh voices to the table, changing cultures in our professional kitchen and impacting the way we eat at home. Look at the co-operative ways in which Rosie Healey, Asma Khan, Romy Gill seek to run their kitchen. Calm environments and cross-sectional training are common factors. The iconic female duo, Ruth and Rose of River Cafe in London have significantly contributed in making amazing ingredients like parmesan and olive oil common place in our domestic kitchen. And that is just a handful of women who are making shifts. There are so many more around the world. It is safe to say women in food are changing food as we know it. And for the better at that.

What makes for a great bit of kitchen clothing?
Design, longevity and experience.