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Bird began with a kitchen and an interview

Founder Vicky North worked in food for nearly ten years before launching Bird Kitchen Clothing.

“I ran my own cafe,” says Vicky, “And struggled to find the right kit to wear in the kitchen. I wanted more modern kitchen clothing to reflect the way we cooked and I hankered after an apron to actually fit.”

Stepping back from the cafe, Vicky wrote a blog, interviewing women who worked in food.

“It was cathartic at first,” said Vicky, “I learnt that as a minority in industry, so many female voices go unheard. I wanted to bring about change, to create community and celebrate the ton of positivity that so many women bring into our professional kitchens.”

The solution seemed obvious. 

Kitchen workwear. 

Inspired, Vicky founded Bird Kitchen Clothing in 2019 with the help of Welsh designer, Nicola Ridd-Davies.

On a mission to shake up kitchen apparel and be inclusive of the many emerging women in food, Bird created aprons and workwear for our many shapes and sizes.  Bird introduced the Cook’s Tunic for more informal kitchens and designed the Wren Dungarees for bakers and food artisans.

Since then, Bird has gone on to rethink the Chef Jacket, introduce a collection for men and now supplies professional chefs, cooks, kitchens and bakeries worldwide.  

We hope you become part of our story too.

The Apron That Actually Fits