The Makers


Aprons n' apparel for women who love to cook.

Bird has been making high quality kitchen clothing since 2019, and we are proud that our outstanding aprons are handmade across two different sites in the UK.

Makers HQ, Plymouth

We develop our aprons and create our limited drop ranges at Makers HQ, a social enterprise in Plymouth, based in the former Jaegar factory. Makers HQ was founded in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art, Millfields Trust and the Stonehouse community to reignite fashion and textiles manufacturing.

Bird and Makers HQ were recently featured together in a news piece on the BBC (we're trying to find a link to the piece to showcase it here!).

Find out more about Makers HQ over on their website.

Yarmouth Stores, Great Yarmouth

Yarmouth Stores make our denim Robyn aprons and are a seventh generation family-owned business. The factory is based on the quayside in Great Yarmouth, overlooking the River Yare.

Denim for our Robyn aprons is delivered directly into the cutting room where Barry and Beth work on the lay plan. Husband and wife team, Richard and Lorraine, take care of cutting, and then the aprons are bundled and taken upstairs to the machine room. Here, a team of 14 machinists make each apron through to pre-finish. Finally, the finishers work on the Robyn’s jaunty red bar tacks and robust brass eyelets. Carol and Debbie oversee quality control and complete the final checks and trimming.

In 2017, Yarmouth Stores launched their own clothing label, Yarmouth Oilskins whose same values are cherished by Bird Kitchen Clothing and their work wear garments are sold worldwide. Find out more about Yarmouth Oilskins on their website.

Yarmouth Stores produce garments to last a lifetime and improve with age. Here at Bird Kitchen Clothing, we couldn’t be happier to have our aprons made on their watch.

The Finishing Touches

Our brass eyelets are made by a small plant in Tipton that has been operating for nearly 150 years, and our fabric labels are made by a family firm in Pembrokeshire. 

The brass eyelets on your Wren dungarees and limited edition Robyn aprons are then hand-applied in my kitchen at home in Wales.



We think it makes sense to work with folk here in the UK. In terms of sustainability, we clock up fewer air miles than if we took production overseas, and it is also much easier to build relationships with suppliers when they’re nearby.