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We buck fast fashion and share our values with all things slow. Slow food, slow fashion, same values. We make kitchen clothing that is designed to last, and made with an ethical vision.

Tailoring to endure.

We use tailoring techniques to work with the body for longevity and comfort in a hardworking kitchen.

Finish and trim for strength.

We reinforce our pocket seams with red bar tacks for strength and use robust brass eyelets in our Robyn aprons.

Fabric to last.

We use 100% cotton and linen in all our garments.We love natural fibres because they age well and allow your body to breathe.


We’re a young brand, building from ground up and learning as we go. Sign up for our newsletter and join our Instagram community - you’re part of our story and we’d love to have you along.

Ethical vision.

Just like slow food, we support skilled, small scale production. We produce both in the UK and overseas, working only with makers we believe in, admire and with whom we share the same values.