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 Wren Dungarees

Unlike the measurements for the Chef Jacket and Cook's Tunic below, the Wren Dungaree Measurement Chart gives you the dimensions for the dungarees themselves, rather than the body they're designed to fit. The joy of the Wrens is that they're a loose fit.  A good idea is to compare the measurements to a similar, much loved garment you already have, to get a real life comparison.

Small Medium Large Larger
Bib width at top edge 27cm 28cm 29cm 30cm 
Waist circumference at seam 91cm 96cm 101cm 106cm
Hip circumference at widest point 101cm 106cm 111cm 116cm
Thigh circumference at widest point 67cm 70cm 73cm 76cm
Inside leg length unrolled 84cm 84cm 84cm 84cm


The Chef Jacket (inches)



 The Chef Jacket (cm)



The Cook's Tunic (Inches)






The Cook's Tunic (cm)