Bakers Couche Cloth

When I worked my internship at E5 Bakehouse making slow proved sourdough bread, we'd hand shape hundreds of loaves every day and prove them in canvas cloths, folded concertina style and stacked in plastic mushroom crates. It was a neat solution to sourcing hundreds of cane banatons and trying to figure out how to stack them. 
This creative idea stayed with me and now takes form in the Bird couche cloth. 
Cut from denim, the Bird couche cloth will support your hand formed loaves and baguettes whilst they prove. Fold in two for smaller loaves and use full size for baguettes. Simply brush off excess flour when finished and allow to air dry. 
Cool wash 30c prior to first use.
- Denim cloth
- 70cm x 90cm 
- signature Bird label
- handmade in Plymouth
- suitable for both small hand formed loaves and long baguettes
- wash cool 30c before first use

Here at Bird we care for the environment and encourage you to too

Our aprons and the environment are happier when they're washed on a cool wash

We recommend hanging our aprons on the line, rather than tumble drying