Cherry Bombe Issue 15: Be The Change



Be the change! No one embodies that like Paola Velez, co-founder of Bakers Against Racism. This global bake sale generated almost $2 million  for local Black Lives Matter causes and brought together professional and home bakers from around the world. Paola has been a source of positivity and inspiration during a challenging time and Cherry Bombe is excited to share more of her story with you.

Also in this issue, Lanne Fields Stewart of the Okra Project, Moonlynn Tsai and Yin Change of Heart of Dinner, a poem from Caroline Randall Williams, artwork by Stacy Michelson, an RBG tribute, Cherry Bombe's favourite disruptive brands, recipes from Claire Saffitz and our very own Zoe Adjonyoh from here in the UK, and  of course, lots more!

Cover photo by Jennifer Livingston.


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