Aprons n’ Apparel for Women who Love to Cook.

We make iconic aprons and dungarees, always with pockets. Like a well stocked pantry, we constantly carry our core collection. However, through the seasons we also produce Bird aprons & dungarees in small, limited batches. Like good food, Bird values slow, sustainable and locally made.

Slow food, slow fashion, same values. Once the order book closes, Bird apparel takes 3-4 weeks to make. This isn't fast fashion. This is slow - better for our wardrobes, our communities and for our planet.

Like the best of cooks, Bird doesn't like waste.

We use our fabric off cuts in Bird
or form collaborations like this one with Bird
X Scrubbies

Locally made. All Bird products are designed in Wales and made in the UK between Plymouth, Great Yarmouth and Wrexham.

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