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Modern Renaissance Woman: Alissa Timoshkina.

Modern Renaissance Woman: Alissa Timoshkina.

Cook and author of Salt & Time: Recipes From a Russian Kitchen, Alissa Timoshkina wears her Robyn apron when cooking for events. Here Alissa chats about identity, inspiration and how to start a supper club..

How would you describe your work in food?
That’s a great question as I am currently in the process of addressing my professional identity.

I feel that I am still bound by an outdated notion that you have to be just one thing in your professional life but I am definitely not that, and am very much drawn to the idea of a modern Renaissance woman that’s been on the surge for a while now especially in the food world.

While my background is in film history and also cultural events production, four years ago I decided to change my career. So now I run a supper club, called KinoVino.  I also offer catering and event planning services, and am a food writer and author of a cookbook called Salt and Time: Recipes from a Russian Kitchen. 
Why do you love to cook? 
Oh so many reasons.

Cooking is my therapy: it makes me feel present and relaxed, as well as creative and in control of what I am doing. It’s also a wonderful feeling being able to satisfy your own culinary desires as well as those of others.

And of course, there is also the joy of sharing a meal together with others.
What are your top tips for running a supper club?

Have a look at what’s out there and be very clear on how your offering is different and why you want to do it. 

Decide if you are in it for long term or not - there are so many lovely supper clubs that spring up but only last a few months as perhaps they don’t have a clear enough identity.

Find a great venue and an even better team whom you can trust.

Find an element of your event that’s always changing - the way KinoVino has a new theme each time while the format remains the same. This way people can (technically) come to all of them and still get a new experience.
What do you love about your Robyn apron?

It’s so light and elegant. It blends in well with what I wear, and has great pockets! 

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