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Our Four Foundational Values by Vicky North

Our Four Foundational Values by Vicky North

Grab a moment and catch up on our Four Foundational Values with Bird founder, Vicky North

Great Design: The Apron That Actually Fits

Hey, we’re all about great design - cutting for confidence and to empower women to feel good in their kitchens. How so? We design our garments with the shape of women first and foremost in mind, not simply as an afterthought to which masculine garments are tweaked. 

It makes a difference and when you try on our garments, you’ll get it. 

Can We Do Better? Kitchen Apparel for Modern Times

It’s crazy to think, the chef jacket hasn’t much changed since Victorian times. Row back over one hundred years and you’ll still find chefs wearing similar apparel to collections of today.

And yet.

Our professional kitchens have changed, diversified and opened up, as has the food we eat and the way we cook.

Bird is here to celebrate and harness that energy of change, to create kitchen apparel that reflects progress, sustainability and forward thinking design.

Slow Food, Slow Fashion: Same Values

Just like real food, good apparel comes from careful sourcing and considered production. We work with ethical makers and believe that fast fashion, just like fast food, is a false economy. 

Community: Celebrating Women In And Around The World Of Food

It’s in the name. We’re here to build community for women in and around the world of food with great clothing cut to feel good, all things real food and to provide a catalyst for connection between like-minded folk.




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