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Polenta Chips with Mushroom & Thyme

Polenta Chips with Mushroom & Thyme

Corn is an underused grain here in the UK so I’ve written this recipe to show just how versatile it can be. Cut into chips, as I’ve done here or pan fry great slabs, to top with a poached egg and rocket for a memorable summer brunch.

Delicious on a hot day with a cold beer, these polenta chips are made to dip. I’ve paired mine with a chilli tomato salsa, and they work just as well with garlic mayonnaise.


100g corn polenta

500g chicken or vegetable stock, just boiled

50g butter

2 tsp finely chopped thyme

1 tsp mushroom powder, (simply whizz dried mushrooms to a powder in your food processor)

Plain flour to dust



Line a high sided baking tray with parchment, (a brownie pan works well) and set to one side.

Place the polenta in a pan over a medium heat and slowly pour in the just-boiled stock, beating as you go to remove any lumps. Check the instructions on your polenta packet – it may be instant, and be ready immediately, or it may need 5 minutes or so, to cook through and thicken up.

Remove from the heat and add the blitzed mushrooms, thyme, butter and seasoning.  Mix well.

Transfer the mix into your lined pan, looking for a thickness of around 10cm deep. Allow to cool and place in the fridge to set. At this stage, you can store the polenta for up to three days and fry off when you’re good to go.

When you’re ready to eat, cut the polenta into finger size pieces and gently toss in flour.

Shallow fry in a neutral oil in batches, on both sides until golden brown.

Enjoy whilst hot with your favourite dip.

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