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Why the Cook's Tunic?

Why the Cook's Tunic?

 Like all our capsule garments, the Cook's Tunic was inspired by my time at the cafe.

The days were long - 8am sometimes thru midnight - and the kitchen was hot.

I wanted something that was easy to wear, kept me cool and still felt smart. 

With a cook's background, chef jackets just didn't sit right for me.

So I raided my wardrobe and lived in tunics. From Toast. And that was the problem. Those tunics were too toasty. Too hot. And pricey. Too fine to be trashed on a daily basis in a working kitchen.

So when I came to design my own workwear, I knew exactly what would work. Light, breathable, smart and washable. Plus half the price of those fine life style garments.

And you can imagine my joy to be working with Nicola, a former Toast designer who understands women's form and movement like no one else.

So there you have it. My Tunic Tale. And how the Cook's Tunic came to be.

Designed to work. Beautifully. 


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