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You're Doing a Great Job: Bird and the Kindness Economy

You're Doing a Great Job: Bird and the Kindness Economy

Recently, I was asked the following, "Vicky, tell me about the Kind aspect of your brand."

I took a breath.

It's super exciting times for business and kindness, not least as championed by Mary Portas, whose work I first fell in love with thru her publication of Work Like A Woman. The kindness economy is definitely a value at the forefront of Bird and I'm inspired to both run a good business and put good out into the world. 

I founded Bird on the back of my Women in Food interview series that I wrote back in 2018. Professional kitchens were ripe for change and women already were stepping out and running their own businesses on their own terms - and getting great results. My intention was - and still is - to celebrate the diversity and new way of doing things that women bring to industry - Asma Khan with her all-female kitchen, flexible work hours and supportive environment, Rosie Healy banning the overtime culture and encouraging her team to work across all stations. 
So how does Bird make a contribution?
We support women in and around the world of food by building community thru a series of work that includes 'The Apron That Actually Fits' (we cut for the female form, rather than simply scaling down that of the guys), we run a vibrant Instagram platform and organise women in food events such as Bird Jamboree in the pipeline for 2023. Our cheerleader approach is summed up by Bird care labels that say, 'You're Doing A Great Job' - kitchen work is often unseen but with my background in food, I relate to those moments when we all need a lift. 
Our Bird X Scrubbies are not-for-profit, made from our cutting room offcuts, donate to school food charity Chefs In Schools and are a collaboration with a social enterprise here in Wales. The Scrubbies are designed to replace plastic sponges in the kitchen and are compostable. The more we can circulate, the better for our environment and charity.
Both our materials and manufacturing are ethically sourced and certified, plus we only use plastic free packaging when shipping. In short, we believe in creating garments for longevity, in buying better, less often and all Bird garments are handmade and sturdy to withstand rigorous kitchen work.
And my hope is that we've only just begun. 
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