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Purchase your Thermomix with Bird - the number one choice for professional cooks and chefs
Bird is an official Thermomix Advisor and can supply your food business with Thermomix within 2-5 working days.
Thermomix is an intelligent and versatile power blender and food processor capable of cooking and stirring, or cooking and blending, simultaneously. Described by chefs as another pair of professional hands, Thermomix has become the tool of choice for many kitchens.
Chefs love Thermomix for its speed, reliability and consistency. Due to the incredibly fine blending, there is less waste and greater yield, saving time, money and yield. 
One Thermomix with one blade:
  • Blends the finest, silky purees usually without the need for passing
  • Cooks faultless sauces including Hollandaise in four minutes
  • Produces hot or cold soups and sauces with any texture
  • Makes fresh fruit sorbets in 2-3 minutes
  • Peels up to 30 cloves of garlic in 6 seconds
  • Grinds whole spices to powder without heating them
  • Grinds 10 nutmegs in 20 seconds
  • Crumbs soft bread with herbs in 2 seconds
  • Kneads fresh pasta and bread doughs
  • Creates ganache centres for hand-made chocolates
  • Produces pesto and emulsified dressings

Thermomix is also idea for recipe development and for the travelling chef.

Email Vicky for order and demo details here