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Carrot Cake to Celebrate a Birthday

Carrot Cake to Celebrate a Birthday

To celebrate my birthday, this was my torte of choice. Satisfying, delicious and super nutritious, it’s a cake that tastes good and is good, both for our bodies and for morale. It happens to be vegan and gluten free and it comes with my five star recommendation.

This formula is from The Minimalist Baker. I’ve only tinkered around the edges, with the addition of a few pine nuts, block coconut and my favourite dessert spices. It’s a genius recipe and is unlike any other raw cake I’ve come across. It is genuinely cake-like in texture as the fluffy crumb is down to the stirring in of nut flour at the end, rather than simply blitzing it all together. It’s a cake of two halves, topping and torte to be prepared separately, and other than that, super simple.


For the topping:

100g cashew nuts, soaked for 20 minutes in boiling water & drained

50g pine nuts, soaked for 20 minutes in boiling water & drained

50g coconut block, melted

70g full fat coconut milk, from a can

30g lime juice

45g maple syrup

A good teaspoon of vanilla paste

For the torte:

220g carrot, grated

400g dates, pitted

300g walnuts & pecan mix

Pinch of salt

 1 tsp sweet cinnamon

½ tsp : ginger, nutmeg and cardamom, each.

35g coconut flour

35g ground almonds

30g raisins


Line a 7” spring form cake case with non-stick parchment on base and sides.

Using a food processor, blitz together all the topping ingredients until smooth and set to one side.

Blitz the nuts, vanilla, salt and spice into a nutty rubble – don’t take too far as you want the texture.

Add the dates and grated carrots to the mix and pulse until combined but still with texture.

Transfer the nut and carrot mix into a bowl and stir in the raisins, ground almonds and coconut flour.

Tip this mix into your prepared tin and press down to form. Retrieve the topping and pour over the torte base, smoothing the surface as you go.

Place the torte into the fridge for a good two hours to set. Dress with carrot ribbons, crushed pecans and pumpkin seeds for colour. Serve and store from the fridge.


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