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Hazelnut Chai for Runners

Hazelnut Chai for Runners

To all my sporty friends out there, this one’s a keeper. Frozen banana, hazel nut butter, fresh ginger and turmeric.  And whole, organic milk. “Flavoured milk is the perfect sports drink for after endurance exercise,” says nutritionist Anita Bean, “As is contains the ideal ratio of carbohydrate to protein to help refuel tired muscles.”

If, like me, you find you’re rarely hungry after a long run but do feel the need to refuel, this is for you.



½ cup frozen, chopped bananas – I keep over ripe bananas chopped up in my freezer as they’re great for texture.

1 dsp hazelnut butter

A knob of fresh ginger and fresh turmeric, apiece

½ tsp of: ground cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon, each.

A cup, maybe more, of organic whole milk

Vanilla paste, if you have it.

A pinch of sea salt. Of course.



Blitz together in a high powered blender – I use a NutriBullet – and drink through a paper straw.

With your feet up.


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