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The Story of an Outstanding Apron.

The Story of an Outstanding Apron.


Can I tell you a story?

Yesterday, a comment dropped in on our Facebook page.

“Far too expensive,” it read.

Hmm, I thought, this resonates.  So I took a breath and engaged.

"We're all about bucking fast fashion," I wrote, "Our handmade aprons are built to last.  And every sale supports a skilled worker.”

I’m on a roll now, “Our fabric is chosen for the long haul. The linen just gets better with age. Quality costs money but doesn’t waste.  Like real food, sustainable choices help build better communities and protect our planet.”

Another breath.

And another response, “A lot of clever crafty people out there would make something very similar to your aprons for a fraction of the price.”

I pause.

Because I have considered this.

Some time back, I called by a local crafter to see if she could make our aprons. Looking over the Robyn, she shook her head, handling the seams, the beautiful corner turns and clear, industrial lines.  “I can't help," she said, "There is a heap of detail here that takes professional equipment and training." 

We looked at each other. And right there, an idea was planted.

But that's for another time.

And a memory triggered.

Years ago, I had a moment of foresight on my market stall.  Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, to sell kitchen aprons alongside my cakes and bakes. So, together with my mum, we rustled up a dozen pinnies made from brightly printed cotton.

They sold out.

The following week, a customer returned with an apron. She said, the hems have started to fray.

But more than that.

She described how disappointed she was because the apron didn’t match the quality of my baking. She said, “I expected better than this."

And I’ve never forgotten that. Back then, I didn’t understand what it takes to make an outstanding apron. 

I do now.

Expert craftsmanship, professional equipment and the best materials you can possibly source. Yes, these things cost money but they will serve you, your community and the planet well.

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